Fefteen Years


2xMusic Cassette Slipcase (None) - FREAK ANIMAL

Freak Animal presents 15 years celebration double tape, including 4 full length Human Larvae live shows.
Human Larvae here is the noisiest, more distorted and saturated recording!
Loud blown out sound is unlike his full length albums.
All shows are different, composed heavy power electronics.
About 2,5 hours duration.

Comes packaged in special cardboard slipcase plus 4 inserts.

§  Cottbus, Eventclub 27.10.2018 "Reign Of Crime"
A1 The Womb Brought Forth Despair
A2 Putrefaction Ritual
A3 A Mortal Taste Of Eternity
A4 Shit Slave
A5 Need Violence
A6 Womb Worship

§ Berlin, NK 06.06.2015
B1 Intro
B2 Severing Sirens
B3 Truth Seeker
B4 Untitled
B5 Shining With Insignificance (Alt. Version)

§ Berlin, Loophole 31.08.2018
C1 The Womb Brought Forth Despair
C2 Putrefaction Ritual
C3 Intermezzo
C4 A Mortal Taste Of Eternity
C5 Shit Slave
C6 Need Violence
C7 Womb Worship

§ Exeter, The Cavern 15.04.2013
D1 A Journey Towards Obliteration / Self-Destructive Thought Pattern
D2 Junk Intermezzo
D3 Truth Seeker
D4 Slave To Violence
D5 Womb Worship

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