Uufwärts E d'Föuse...

FRAKMUNDT [Fräkmündt]

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The inner-Swiss Ur-Folk group FRÄKMÜNDT is finally back after the amazing debut CD “Urbärglieder”.
In the meantime FRÄKMÜNDT has become a quartet additionally featuring Anneli of ELUVEITIE and GODNR.UNIVERSE! on bass-guitar, hurdy-gurdy and flute which is quite enriching for the band.
“Uufwärts e d’Föuse” is a conceptual album which takes the listener on an imposing musical journey to untouched alpine areas.
As on “Urbärglieder” all tracks are presented in the FRÄKMÜNDT-typical Central-Swiss alemannic dialect.
After a non-standard and so-called “Alp-Blessing” (“Aupsääge”) which is the intro of the album, the journey goes straight up to the mountains towards twilight and upwards to the rocks (“Uufwärts e d’Föuse”).

1 Aupsääge 1:45
2 Uufwärts E d'Föuse 4:41
3 S'nachtet Y 2:52
4 Schyne 5:23
5 Höttehöck 4:42
6 Stouz Ond Frey 4:38
7 Bärgtröim 2:29

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