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Slow Motion

CD Jewel-Box (CD 514) - FOR 4 EARS

Recorded at Radio Studio DRS in Bern, Switzerland during 1994, this collaboration between these two giants of improvised music features O'Rourke on guitar, while Muller supplies electronics and drums.
Perhaps a mark of its vintage, Slow Motion has a more measured and cerebral feel to it than much of what you might hear on today's freely improv-ed noise circuit, and the more spacious, untethered timbral investigations of 'A Faster Silence' and 'An Atlantean Returned Knows The Value Of The Stars' seem to hint at a closer relationship with the extremities of twentieth century modern classical composition than with the kind of expressive, instantaneous sounds you might generally associate with the field.
Wonderful, if somewhat heavy-going material throughout, Slow Motion comes highly recommended to all you adventurous and intrepid listeners out there.
A jazzy Noise Experimentalism.

1 Now All Seen Heard Then Forgotten 16:53
2 A Faster Silence 11:37
3 An Atlantean Returned Knows The Value Of The Stars 21:56

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