Secret Place


CD Digipack (TW 1.50) - TWILIGHT RECORDS

Third album.
This time it's a collection of material from numerous compilations, split releases and never before published tracks.
Including extremely limited and hard to get "Gas" mini-cd (released by Z-Bugle Records in China), very special song "Warszawa" (intended for now defunct "63 Days" - 7" vinyl series from Fluttering Dragon) and special guest appearance by Ritual Front.
18 amazing soundscapes that will haunt you for a long time...

Tracklist :
1 The Girl Under The Lantern
2 Train In The Fog
3 Dig Your Own Graves
4 Lullaby (For A Dead Child)
5 The Beauty & The Nightmare
6 Scontrum I
7 Scontrum II
8 Scontrum III
9 Chanson De Guerre
10 Under A Great Sea
11 I Saw Him Drowning
12 The Best Boys Are Buried In The Ground
13 Different Days (Instrumental)
14 I Dreamt Of Charges (Mk II)
15 Iron Pylons (Mk II)
16 And Should The Spring Come...
17 Warszawa
18 Last Train

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