Gold Gab Ich Für Eisen (including exclusive DVD-R of the VHS video-tape)


VHS Video + Mini CD + DVDr Box (WKN07) - WKN

NB: we deliver with the box a digitalized version of the Video-Tape on DVDr!
This is something you we did ourselvs which normaly don't comes with the original verion ot that item!

Rare Boxset containing:
§ VHS video-tape of a live concert
§ Exclusive digitalized version of the VHS video-tape into DVD-R format
NB: unfortunately begining of the video-tape and consequently also of the DVD-R is a bit ruined but just for a very short time...
§ mini CD of another complete live concert
§ 6 page picture booklet of live shots of Albin Julius, Jonh Murphy and Wilhelm Herich.
Both concerts were recorded during the November 1998 tour

8 untitled tracks on VHS-Video
8 untitled tracks on Mini CD

This is rare!
45.00 €
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