Along with “Crack” and “Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,” Macronympha’s “Grind” tape, recorded around the same time and originally released on Old Europa Cafe, is often regarded as one of the high-water marks in the Macro catalog.
Recorded in 1995, “Grind” features tracks originally intended for the second Rodger Stella solo release, as One Dark Eye, following the “Transmissions of Fistulae Auris” tape.
The source audio was manipulated and cut up using a 4-track and then captured on an 8-track reel-to-reel tape with the intention of showcasing every available technique Macro used at that time.
The result is one of Macronympha’s most sonically diverse recordings.
This CD edition, authorized by Stella and sourced from his original master tapes, is the first digital reissue of this Macro masterwork.
True to the original release, the “Lair of the White Worm” cover art is taken from the OEC tape, which was conceived and designed by OEC’s Rodolfo Protti, and augmented with additional artwork exclusive to this CD release.

1.  Electro-Acoustic Angeldust
2.  All The Nice Surrealistic Love A Necrophiliac
3.  For Anal Drill And Water Knife
4.  Torsion Grid Extension Reference
5.  Scorpions And Insect Work
6.  Polyphonic Revolution
7.  Wolkenbügel

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