The Whole Path Of War And Acceptance



Halgraths second album on Cryo Chamber is a very personal one, where the artists shares her inner struggles of transformation after dramatic events in her life.
This dark ambient journey carries not only deep drones, but serene voices and emotional soundscapes as well.
Delve deep into the visions of opera vocalist Halgraths spiritual nightmares, where suffering and madness gets comforted by the calm hand of the dark expanding universe.
Halgrath is easiest described as Dark Ritual Ambient.
With her hypnotic incantations reverbating through heavy textures the atmosphere is oozing with quality of production.
Comes in nice designed 6 page Ekopak.

Tracklist :
1 Acceptance Of Inner Self 7:28
2 Consecreation 12:08
3 Afflatus (Amanait Akhat) 5:31
4 The Opposite Mind And Mutuality 7:02
5 Cold Breath Of Mountains 8:17
6 Epic Journey And Oblivion 3:48
7 Deep Immersion And Repose 7:56
8 Your Soul Is Just A Particle Of Stars 7:22

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