Am Kha Astrie


CD Folder (AH 10) - AURAL HYPNOX

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As the apex of Spring heralds awakenings, Halo Manash emerges from Winter and hibernation ~ Treefaced. Horns spiral skyward and antlers ascend.
A tripartite trunk arises – a pillar that splits all worlds.
Am Kha Astrie, a work of heliotropic, elemental ambient, is an opening, an awakening, a summoning, a crossing of thresholds.
After their previous oneiric and minimal album, Am Kha Astrie sees Halo Manash re-integrate a more diverse instrumentation and a multiplicity of soundsources to create their work, which consists of seven interrelated tracks.
Am Kha Astrie is a complete work in itself, but can also be viewed as the second facet of a tripartite series of works that are part of one holistic creation.

Archaic elemental drums, bones and spiraling animal horns merge with various metal percussions, chimes, wind-instruments, voices and a multitude of other instruments to create a deep, earthly and yet celestially-bound opus.
Am Kha Astrie is a massive and sometimes ominous work, a primal experience of coming-into-being, with all the terror, ecstasy and divine awe that it implies.

Comes in a hand finished cardboard folder.

1 Spring Solar Semen 5:23
2 A Spiral Spine Ever Emanating 4:40
3 The Treefaced Trunk Arises – A Pillar Through All Worlds 8:56
4 In The Deepest Womb Of MAA, The Sky-Shrouded Is Born 7:26
5 At Ashen Shrines Of The Seventh Sign Antlers Ascend 7:51
6 All Herald Its Shape And Shadow 7:42
7 The Dream That It Dreams – Awakened 12:59

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