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2xCD Jewel-Box (JNANA 2004) - JNANA

Recorded in Toronto on June 18 and 19, 2004 at St. George the Martyr Anglican Church, Toronto.
The 2 CD's contains the 2 complate shows, C93 performers for this live was:
David Michael Tibet, John Contreras, Michael Cashmore, Simon Finn, Ben Chasny, Graham Jeffery.
For sure 2 of the most suggestive C93 live recordings....

1-1     Intro    
1-2     Good Morning Great Moloch    
1-3     5 Hypnagogue 5    
1-4     While The Night Rejoices Profound And Still    
1-5     Earth Covers Earth    
1-6     Calling For Vanished Faces II    
1-7     All This World Makes Great Blood    
1-8     Mary Waits In Silence    
1-9     Judas As A Black Moth    
1-10     A Gothic Love Song    
1-11     The Bloodbell Chime    
1-12     Walking Like Shadow    
1-13     Sleep Has His House    
1-14     Time Of The Last Persecution    
1-15     Long Satan And Babylon    
1-16     A Sadness Song    

2-1     Intro    
2-2     Alone    
2-3     Red Hawthorn Tree    
2-4     All The World Makes Great Blood    
2-5     The Signs In The Stars    
2-6     4 Hypnagogue 4    
2-7     Mary Waits In Silence    
2-8     The Inmost Light Itself    
2-9     Falling Back In Fields Of Rape    
2-10     Whilst The Night Rejoices Profound And Still    
2-11     Black Sun Bloody Moon    
2-12     They Returned To Their Earth    
2-13     So, This Empire Is Nothing    
2-14     The Shining Shining World    
2-15     The Blue Gates Of Death

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