Hyper Dosifications

MACROMENIA [Macronympha / Armenia]


Harsh Noise from USA/Ecuador.This will make your ears bleed!
"Hyper Dosifications" concept was in a way dedicated to myself, as being treated by hypertension, always involved in the extreme side of music not only as a conceptual artist but as a drummer of Noisecore bands, make your own life accelerated and intense to the point that your health also gets affected.
Those words come from Leonardo Sabatto (ARMENIA), Noise/Experimental artist from Ecuador
Along with his comrade Joseph Roemer (MACRONYMPHA) have released 3 albums simultaneously on Karo Productions.

1.  Purulent Hernia Eruption / Carbuncle / Severe Carcinoma  30:57
2.  Slash / Encrustation / Nidorous  41:05

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