Wir Sind Legion (Imperium special boxed edition)



Limited Edition 200 copies

Special boxed edition for the release of the IMPERIUM album.

Box includes:
§ the standard Digipak CD album "Imperium"
§ the "Music Sacra" mini CD as bonus in an handnumbered & sealed cardboard slipcase
§ A postcard
§ A sticker and a black painted spica.
The box is made of study cardboard, wax sealed and handnumbered to 200 copies.

“Imperium” contains ten songs of ritual poetry, fragility and enlightenment, which cast a glimpse in to the spiritual life of Leger des Heils.
This boxed edition includes a bonus mini CD with 3 additional tracks.
The artwork created by Laetitia Mantis, high priestess of magical art, is woven into the concept as a perfect visual supplement to the music.
An album of hymnal music, designated to the guardian of light.
A superb mix of Modern-Classic, Pop and Neo-Folk sounds.

§ Imperium
1-1 Lichtwärts
1-2 Falling
1-3 Midwinter
1-4 Ruina Imperii
1-5 Wir Sind Legion
1-6 Crystal
1-7 Tomorrow
1-8 Dein Imperium
1-9 Nemesis
1-10 Kaivalya

§ Musica Sacra
2-1 Pan To Artemis
2-2 Sweet Delight
2-3 Midwinter

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