Ironic Discomfort and Cheesy Manners

BOCKSHOLM [Deutsch Nepal + raison d'être / RAISON D'ETRE]

CD Digifile (YA-2019-95) - YANTRA ATMOSPHERES

Limited Edition 306 copies


  • Pounding The Perpetual Nail
  • Dairy Exequies

Project involving the two Peter Andersson's behind "Deutsch Nepal" and "Raison D'Etre"!

It took four years.
First we didn't dare to do it; to cause a moral disaster.
But here we are, and we want to do it and we don't regret anything because the album has just been released.
In 2014 Bocksholm performed live in the outer domains of Boxholm for the first and probably last time.
Performing a mashed up 'Best of' live-set in front of native clogs audience, amongst inbreeders and the commonly disabled, in the band's own natural habitat and backyard, it couldn't be anything but success.
Wine and vodka flooded like a deluge in everyones throats, black clogs were thrown on the stage from the very first second, the home-distilling machines went overheated, the women-raping-men rates hit the ceiling of the local ironworks and the ancestor Stenbock himself turned in his grave not only once but six times.
Now you can experience the same, if you dare to buy the Ironic Discomfort And Cheesy Manners.
Somehow this album will become a homage to the cheese manufacturing in Boxholm, that sadly will stop by the end of 2019 because of greedy owners that found a way to save money by moving the manufacturing too another town far away.
After this things will never be the same in Boxholm, a huge loss of cultural identity not only for the town itself but probably also for the Bocksholm project.
At least, there will still be iron.
Maybe... more

released July 10, 2019
Executed live by Peter Andersson and Peter Andersson 2014-2015.
All pieces melted and forged by Peter Andersson and Peter Andersson 1998-2014.
K-14 level mastering by Peter Andersson 2019.
Artwork designed by Peter Andersson based on photos of the remains of Sweden's first electric locomotive built in Boxholm 1890.

1. Scoria 06:40
2. The Horror Of Kisa 07:40
3. Stenbock And His Diciples 06:22
4. Mobil Oil 05:49
5. Forging Hammers 06:54
6. Birath, The Beast Of The Forge 06:16
7. Smiden Utaf Järn Och Stål 03:46
8. Pounding The Perpetual Nail 04:37
9. The Brittle Dross Of Irony 06:45
10. Dairy Exequies 03:17
11. Boxholm Seven Minutes After Death 06:53
12. The Koeven Nightmare 09:56

Track 01-06 recorded on 8 August 2015 at Hulterstad Sounds Festival, Granforsen, Boxholm, Sweden.
Track 07-10 recorded on 17 October 2014 at Machines with Magnets, Pawtucket RI, USA.
Track 11-12 recorded on 29 March 2014 at Wrotycz Records 10 Years Anniversary Festival, Poznan, Poland.

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