Hosanna Mantra



Inspired by Popol Vuh and originally released in a tiny pressing of 550 on vinyl, now available on CD - featuring two bonus tracks found on 7" single given away in limited quanitities with original vinyl pressing.

The Acid Mothers Temple band leader unleashes this mighty slab of far-out drone using an astonishingly spare array of instruments.
He might be super-prolific but that should be no reason to ignore this rather expansive and earth moving piece of sound terrorism.
Using only electric guitar, bouzouki and sitar Kawabata has constructed two lengthy pieces of dark-age drone.
The first of these, 'Scarlet Phenomenon' sounds as if it had been recorded in some vast subterranean grotto, with bowed strings carving out an eerie stillness while a precisely picked bouzouki arpeggio gives the piece a sense of forward motion.
The title track over on the B-side is an even more cavernous affair with sitar tones woven around a dense, ever-changing sonic territory.

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