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CD Digifile (GH 134 CD) - GRADUAL HATE

Limited Edition 200 copies

Solco Chiuso was born in 2014 a solo-project by Gabriele Fagnani also known for being the mastermind behind projects like "Kannonau" and most of all "Corazzata Valdemone".
Solco Chiuso translates into "Closed Grove" which was the old way for create a loop, carving a closed groove into vinyl and get a sound that plays continously.
The new Solco Chiuso album takes his title by a poetry of "Filippo Tommaso Marinetti".
A mixture of electronics, Industrial and noise with a touch of experimental sounds.

1. Fusione dell'acciaio e della carne (voce) 04:06
2. Waiting for the light 02:08
3. Blitzkrieg 04:08
4. Syncope 03:13
5. ...on your flesh 06:20
6. Tremori 05:12
7. Cluster 05:28
8. Resonance 04:51
9. Kinky music for iron youth 03:18
10. Outro-Destruction 00:55

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