"NATO is the framework for an alliance designed to prevent aggression or to repel it, should it occur.
It is determined to safeguard freedom, common heritage and civilisation".
In the context of the time this, remember, was a year before NATO's aircraft put a criminally overdue stop to the siege of Sarajevo.
Nato itself is a collection of cover versions, each rendered in the traditional Laibach style--that is, as a turbo-charged Bavarian marching song, delivered with gruff, undeniably Germanic vocals and embellished with electronic squiggles and eerie choirs of valkyries. The songs chosen include Edwin Starr's "War", Status Quo's "In The Army Now", Pink Floyd's "Dogs Of War" and, most gloriously, Europe's "The Final Countdown".
The latter is souped up to sound like either or both the national anthem of some ghastly, institutionally moronic future European super-state, and an appropriately, extravagantly foolish lament to the extravagantly foolish fate that befell their homeland.

1 N.A.T.O. (5:45)
2 War (4:10)
3 Final Countdown (5:40)
4 In The Army Now (4:31)
5 Dogs Of War (4:43)
6 Alle Gegen Alle (3:52)
7 National Reservation (3:46)
8 2525 (3:48)
9 Mars On River Drina (4:48)

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