Let Us Lead (Promo)


CD in Cardborad Sleeve (CMI.42) - COLD MEAT INDUSTRY

Collectors item!
The rare promo edition (with different CD art) housed in a cardboard sleeve.

Originally released in 1996, "Let Us Lead" stands as one of the most impressive and groundbreaking releases in the Industrial / Militaristic fusion.
Carefully elaborated overwhelming orchestrations brought to Puissance's Industrial structures a disturbing apocalyptic touch, impregnated with somber beauty and bitter, often polemic, spoken-word speeches.
A MUST HAVE release for all fans of bombastic / military industrial music.

1 Burn The Earth 5:08
2 Control 3:20
3 To Reap The Bitter Crops Of Hate 6:21
4 Behold The Valiant Misanthropist 6:03
5 Dance In The Sulphur Garden 4:38
6 March Of The Puissant 4:16
7 Global Deathrape 5:12
8 Whirlpool Of Flames 7:25

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