Licht ist Leben (limited to 75 on White Vinyl)



Limited Edition 75 copies

Heavy White Vinyl Edition / limited to 75 copies

For the first time on vinyl, the 2012 album of this legendary German Martial Industrial project.
Wappenbund plays a harsh epic music of bombastic martial drumming and neoclassical melodies.
Timeless, intense, challenging and rhythmical – the perfect companion on your last journey towards the light.
Dedicated to the ancient cultures (Egypt, Mayan, Inka) who worshipped both the Sun & the Light as the Source of all

01. Dein Licht ist uns voran
02. Licht ist Leben I
03. Licht ist Leben II
04. Licht ist Leben III
05. Licht ist Leben IV
06. Gesang des Erhabenen
This is rare!
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