Lie: The Love And Terror Cult And A Taste Of Freedom


Music Cassette (Kieh! Kieh! #05) - KIEH! KIEH!

Contains the infamous album 'Lie' as well as phone conversations about Manson's philosophies.
Includes a set of 10 cards.

§ Lie: The Love And Terror Cult
A1 Look At Your Game Girl
A2 Ego
A3 Mechanical Man
A4 People Say I'm No Good
A5 Arkansas
A6 I'll Never Say Never To Always
A7 Garbage Dump
A8 Don't Do Anything Illegal
A9 Sick City
A10 Cease To Exist
A11 Big Iron Door
A12 I Once Knew Knew A Man
A13 Eyes Of A Dreamer

§ A Taste Of Freedom
B1 Look Within'
B2 I'll Shoot
B3 I'm A Raper, A.T.W.A.
B4 Horses
B5 You Have A Beautiful Mind
B6 God Loved The World
B7 The Mind Expanded
B8 Mason Jar And A Hog
B9 We All Love Jesus
B10 Graves
B11 Boxing
B12 Here There And Around The World
B13 Will Of God, Lincon As The Devil
B14 TV Generation
B15 Potato Sack Man

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