Maia Convoy

O PARADIS [Ô Paradis]


The rooks, do not leave their flight to chance, but we can not decipher that omen.
Any repentance or aspiration is already useless. Just sit in a wagon of the "Maya Convoy" and let yourself be observed for eternity on the other side of the window.
We have failed in the existential quest, but it was precious to ask the question. Once again, Ô Paradis, invites you to travel through the uncertainty of this mystery, which is amazing to contemplate being alive."
Catalunya Folk-Pop.

Maia Convoy comes as a CD in a 4 panel wallet.

1. En Orbita
2. El Suelo Ajado
3. El Viejo Cuero
4. La Hoguera
5. La Vuelta Logica
6. Ventanas
7. Cualquier Distancia
8. Serpiente Convoy
9. Verlo Pasar
10. Paskutine Diena

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