March Of The Infidels



Limited re-issue of THE SOIL BLEEDS BLACKs sophomore album, “March of the Infidels.”
Maturing in their approach to synthetically executed neo-medieval music, “March of the Infidels,” exemplifies what may be the band’s least organic recording.
The production is smooth, crisp, almost adopting a midi-like atmosphere.
The album helped expand the bands audience and remains perhaps the most celebrated of their first three works.
Features a guest appearance by Cernunnos’ Woods.
Includes three bonus tracks.

1 Sound The Trumpet
2 In Days Of Victory
3 The Journey Is Not Yet Over
4 Autumn Call
5 Woodnymphs In The Hazel Patch
6 Ceilidh
7 The Bog
8 We Wave Our Flags In Triumph
9 Meade For All (In The Pub)
10 Preparations For The Royal Feast
11 Avalon (Shores And Seas)
12 Our Flames Have Never Died
13 The Bard's Tale
14 The Kingdom Thereafter
15 Leave Now Soldier
16 Armed To The Teeth
17 To Each His Own Fate
18 Solutio Perfecta
19 Jubilation Of Earthly Delights

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