Mass Murderer


CD Jewel Box (DC 031) - DIVINE COMEDY

Second album by this French act offering dark ambient soundscapes, martial percussions, symphonic elements, classical instruments and male plus female vocals...
For fans of TMLHBAC, Der Blutharsch, LJDLP and the likes.

1  L'Orchestre Noir    
2  Complices    
3  Dying In Berlin    
4  Reward The Guilty, Punish The Innocent    
5  Les Altérations Cadavériques    
6  L'Alliance Nouvelle Et Éternelle    
7  Stahlnebel    
8  Hate, Revenge, Power And Blood    
9  Triumph Of Death    
10  Strong New World    
11  Mass Murderer    
12  Redemption/Sedition    
13  Mélodie D'un Songe

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