CD Digifile (HIM 006) - ANNAPURNA

Finally, an authentic gem of Italian Esoteric Post-Industrial is re-released on CD.
Originally those sounds was published by Old Europe Cafe back in 1993 on cassette.
The whole album represents a sort of symbolic journey in lost religious archetypes.
The sounds of "Metaphora" walk with us to explore ancient knowledge that lies buried in our unconscious.
Minimal and dark.
This new version of Metaphora is enriched by the presence of 2 bonus tracks published in obscure anthologies.
Good, old Italian Esoteric Dark-Ambient!

1 The Garden Of Hydra 06:05
2 Body Snatcher 09:53
3 Spiritwood (Revised) 05:08
4 Source 04:09
5 Orbis 07:01
6 The Venerable 05:22
7 Advent 04:37
8 Pleurotomaria (Revised) 06:19
9 Cheopys 03:24

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