Mellow Moods / Immortal Moments


CD in Terra-Cotta Package (NM 008) - NOISE MUSEUM

Limited Edition 170 copies

Heavy experimental ambients with a mellow mood touch.

Special limited edition 170 copies in terra-cotta package and silk-screened inserts, Just one copy on stock.
NB: the terra-cotta back-plate has a brocken corner which is anyway fixed to the package, so all you see is a cut into the terra-cotta....

1  Pain Of The Honey     11:53
2  Innocent Metal     7:39
3  Force Of Habit     13:29
4  Check Mood     5:46
5  White Handed     7:44
6  Le Rivière Ultime     6:48
7  Trance Tank     10:02
8  A Message To Raymond     0:18

This is rare!
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