Melting Pot of Coltures


CD Digipak (FA-CD-121) - FREAK ANIMAL

2020 album of Bizarre Uproar presents yet new angle on ultimate suffocation and decay.
Melting Pot Of Cultures is destined to be CD-only album, due sheer massivity of material.
One over hour long piece has couple chapters in it, but would be impossible to publish on tape or LP as it is on CD.
Slowly evolving sound is created by eerie droning, nearly angelic voices and crushing and slashing large metal object sound.
Hard and clear sound, noisiness of electronics and metal objects makes contrast in slow pace, where melting takes place with inevitable slow paced transformation.
One may feel powerless in front of 64 minute death machine roar, yet album displays both grotesque eroticism and conceptual excellency that will be appreciated by those up to challenge.

1 Melting Pot Of Cultures 1:04:22
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