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Higanbana is the Japanese name of Red Spider Lily, a red and fatally poisonous flower associated with death in Japan.
It belongs to the species Cluster Amaryllis, which in turn is the title of Track 1: a red-hot inferno of screaming feedback sounding like scorched crickets, with low-fi bass growling in the urgent undertow.
The 30-minute work of art feels like an unsettling journey into the toxic medulla of Higanbana, eye(ear)-opening and dangerous.
Like a fuse burning itself out, track 2 is an unstoppable roar of fuzz, white noise and psychedelic pulsations that explore dynamics and sound channelling to its hushed end. The album features Ukons (Silky Feather) which appears to be a chook; and the 'courtesy' extended 'by Hell' hints at the macabre manner by which Ukons may have contributed to the uncredited sounds on track 3.
Like a sick metronome, the mutilated clucks of Ukons count down as different frequencies of static, sirens, and squelches explode in disjointed phrases, on and on, without resolution.
Indeed, none of the three tracks find peace in themselves as none ends resolutely.

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