CD Digipack (GO02 ) - HYPNAGOGIA

This is the second volume of the "Merzcow" trilogy by Japanoise King Merzbow.
It is inspired by cattle worship in Hinduism.
The album is dedicated to the Care for Cows charity in Vrindavan, India, which takes care of abandoned cattle.
'Vanamali and Balaram' are the names of cows at Care for Cows.
The cover photo is from Care For Cows and depicts Vanamali.
The Care For Cows site has a gallery of cows swimming in the Yamuna river, captioned 'Yamuna Snan'.

Tracklist :
1 Vanamali And Shravan 15:51
2 Balaram 16:05
3 Yamuna Snan 20:15

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