Mind Flesh

MAURIZIO BIANCHI [M.B.] / L.C.B. [Le Cose Bianche]

Music Cassette (003) - ADVAITA

Limited Edition 100 copies

MIND FLESH title can be interpreted as a subconscious mind that human thought and emotion turn into a lump.
By conducting methods such as meditation and psychic observation, you can look into thoughts and emotions that want to turn your eyes unintentionally intimidating from inside yourself.
Humans beings suppress everything, chunk thinking and emotions sleep in subconscious and usually surface purified along with a strange sensation that is not experienced in the state of consciousness.

A1 Neuronal Consciousness 7:21
A2 Mental Perception 9:38
B1 Oxidation Thinking 7:30
B2 Muscular Memory 8:49

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