Limited Edition 300 copies

New full length from this Spanish heavy electronics project, following the LP "Freedom Locked" on Tesco.
Fernando O. Paino (the mind behind Moral Order) might be better known for his other project "DA-SEIN" minimal-electronics out on German cult label Galakthorro...

10 songs of diseased and infected analog frequencies, frying minimal electronics, and throbbing, modulating rhythms.
Unsettling and menacing, this is old school industrial for the purists at heart.

Comes in 6 panel digipak with heavy weight,
Limited edition of 300

1.  Dead Bodies
2.  Murder Weapon
3.  Capituation
4.  Thiws is the Life You Must Live
5.  The Hope Windbreaker
6.  Day of the Dead
7.  Slaves
8.  Purge
9.  To Die in Life
10.  Anonymus Carrion

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