SOON (SŌON) [Clock DVA + Meat Beat Manifesto]

CD A5-Digipak (ARM CD 004) - ARMComm

S Ō O N Is the Collaborative project of Adi Newton DVA / TAG & Jack Dangers / Meat Beat Manifesto .
The name derives from the Japanese word for Noise / Sound / Discord and also infers a connection to time.

This Unique Project & Album is unlike any other due to the combined interaction of 2 very individual and pioneering Artists who have over the decades produced consistently challenging and unique works the album is comprised of sequenced rhythmic experimental Electronics and avant garde sound / noise pieces.

Recorded and Produced at Jack Dangers TapeLab San Francisco in October 2018 Utilising EMS SNYTHI 100 SYSTEM / Korg PS-3300 Poly Modular / Roland 700 & 100 Systems plus Ambisonic water harp recordings and other Analog & Digital devices and sound sources.

1 Psy-Ops 15:17
2 The Future 6:16
3 Watchman 20:30
4 Sculpture Of Sound 10:22
5 Chance Operations 12:22
6 Affensang 10:54

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