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November is an extraordinary collaboration between film soundtrack composer and ´The Young God´s´ drummer Bernard Trontin and Simon Huw Jones, singer/lyricist of ´And Also The Trees´.
Their blend of music, that unites deep, electronic sound-waves, low- fi loops, glitches and rhythmic pulses with a vocal that drifts from subtle melody to poetic narrative is unique and will interest fans of Nick Cave and Stuart Staples as well as anyone into dark-ambient music such as Biosphere, Boards of Canada and Coil.

1  A Day Of Spring     5:27
2  Abeline     2:58
3  Another Country     3:59
4  Glocken     2:22
5  The Stairwell     7:08
6  The Consul's Vision     4:24
7  Confusing     2:51
8  Melancholy Jane     3:29
9  A Part Of Me     4:56
10  Bluebook     3:12
11  The Night Watchman     4:53

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