Nude and Full of Wounds

SUTCLIFFE JÜGEND [Sutcliffe Jugend]


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From their roots in the most controversial and confrontational alleys of power electronics, Sutcliffe Jugend have grown and reinvented themselves with each new release.
Matthew Soko, whose spoken vocals shape the album (and whose artwork and body form the visuals), gives this perspective on its genesis and his participation: "Nude And Full Of Wounds began as a phrase spoken to me in passing and brought to life as the project evolved with the atmospheric music that was fed to me by Kevin (Tomkins) and Paul (Talyor) .
The ocean exists as a constant metaphor and the industrial sounds by industrial legends Sutcliffe Jugend further define and guide the themes present in the spoken work that leave the listener with a sense of isolation".

A mix of Industrial and spoken-words...
Another cult album by Sutcliffe Jugend!

1 Nothing Has Changed 3:14
2 Muse 2:29
3 Graham Greene (Memento 1) 2:16
4 Narrative 1999 2:59
5 Wonderland 4:56
6 Great Expectations 3:04
7 Visiting (For Henry) 3:33
8 Numb 3:59
9 Fallen 3:01
10 White Goods 5:39
11 Youth (Addendum To A Letter I Wanted To Write) 3:00
12 Pornography (For Ted) 3:43
13 Post Palindrome 2:33
14 Winter In Fine Arts 6:16
15 Across Time 4:30

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