2xCD Digisleeve (elixir 8) - RETORTAE

An epic work from the most world well-known Russian industrial combo called Reutoff which has just celebrated its 15 years of existance.
«NullRauM» is a collection of all the tracks included in ReuTRauM series initially released as seven 7” vinyls issued by seven different labels in seven different countries as well as four tracks made especially for this collection.
The entire period of its creation took around 15 years – as long as the project exists – and it could be considered as the band's most important work to date.
Complex dark drone ambient structures typical to Reutoff presented here in all their historical development, from the very first 7” released in 2000 by legendary Drone Records to the most recent tracks made exclusively for this release. The result is extremely pessimistic and profound reflexion of the old world collapse and desperate anticipation of the shape of things to come.
Though «NullRauM» material is a collection of the tracks made during such a long period of time, today it looks
really homogenous and holistic, and its mosaic elements have finally found its providential shape.
Comes in laminated full colour digisleeve with 16 pages booklet.

1-1 Intro. Voice 
1-2 Core 
1-3 Cord 
1-4 Morn 
1-5 Moor 
1-6 Morok (Über) 
1-7 Moss 
1-8 Wailed 
1-9 Veiled 
2-1 Todeslied 
2-2 Das Gift 
2-3 Erle 
2-4 Auge 
2-5 Numquam 
2-6 Nusquam 
2-7 Don’t Fear 
2-8 Don’t Wait 
2-9 Postludium. Farewell

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