Longing For The Otherworld


CD Jewel Box (ART 29) - ART KONKRET

Project Nymph (IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES live member and texts author for part of the "ISN Purgate my Stain" album ...).
Special guest Peter Andersson (RAISON D'ETRE).
Nightmarish etheral sounds.

1 Creed (4:58)
2 And Upon Them Great Vengeance Will Be Executed... (8:45)
3 Longing For The Otherworld (4:22)
4 Derelict Core (5:28)
5 ...With Wrathful Chastisement (7:00)
6 Tranquilized At Last (6:59)
7 Crimson Filth (3:28)

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