Edenfall [Special edition featuring exclusive disc with SEKTOR 304]


2xCD Box (TumorCD57.5 ) - MALIGNANT

Founded in 2008, Nyodene D has quickly risen in the ranks to become one of America’s premier death industrial/power electronics acts.
Each release shows Nyodene D becoming stronger and stronger, capturing the essence of the true old school aesthetic, yet taking it to new realms of intensity and physicality.
The 6 tracks on Edenfall are rife with the threat of violence… harrowing, yet majestic in its scope, with scraps of heaving scrap metal and searing tones intersecting with walls of thick, corrosive synth noise and defiant vocals.
Reminds the style of Euopean power electronics, channeling Ex.Order and IRM, with a slower, more surreptitious attack.

As a whole, this has to be considered one of the more essential heavy electronic releases
ever released under the Malignant banner.
Features appearances by Shift, Sky Burial, and Rope of American war metal band Prosanctus Inferi and supreme death metal band Father Befouled.

We offer the special, limited edition in foil printed microboard boxset featuring a second disc of collaborative tracks between Nyodene D and Portugal’s industrial revelation "SEKTOR 304".

Tracklist :
§ Edenfall
1 Nyodene D – Edenfall 6:36
2 Nyodene D – Damnatio Memoriae 10:28
3 Nyodene D – Anasazi 7:33
4 Nyodene D – Scars Of Anthropology 7:42
5 Nyodene D – Nihilation 6:26
6 Nyodene D – Borne On Vulture's Beak, I Am Carried Into The Heavens 8:46

§ Nyodene D / Sektor 304
1 Sektor 304 – The Human Fractal 5:32
2 Nyodene D – All Over All 10:06
3 Sektor 304 – The Shaft 6:48
4 Nyodene D – Vulture (For Gil Scott-Heron) 7:42
5 Sektor 304 – Furnace 4:14

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