ODA RELICTA [Ода Релікта]

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Oda Relicta’s “Ukrainian Insurgent Army” is a union of politics, religion, and music.
The controversial agenda of the recording is exposed through 13 connoisseur compositions ranging from military marches to solemn chants to field recordings featured by a rank of artistic collaborations with:
While Angels Watch, Furvus, :Golgatha:, Dissonant Elephant, Lonsai Maikov, Gnomonclast, Luftwaffe, Our God Weeps.

A complex tapestry of church hymns and procession marches, Cossack patriotic chants and Legion of Ukrainian Sich Riflemen songs is the spirit of a true Ukrainian nationalist. There is no abuse of hackneyed documentaries or copycatting of profane neo-folk genre; instead, there is harmony, passion, and wisdom conserved in laconic sonorities. Triumphing over double standard European political correctness this milestone is released exclusively upon the 70th anniversary of the UIA, celebrated on the 14th of October, 2012.

Tracklist :
1 Willow & Arrow-Wood Lyrics By, Voice – While Angels Watch 3:00
2 Pantheon Of Glory 2:28
3 Into The Woods Whence Mouth-Organ Heard 1:13
4 Triumph Of Ukrainian Insurgent Army 2:41
5 Unvanquished Knights Featuring – Furvus 3:01
6 From Dreams Into Ranks Featuring – :Golgatha: 2:55
7 Parakleisis Composed By – Dissonant Elephant, Lonsai Maïkov 3:19
8 Born In The Great Hour 3:10
9 Under-Aged Veteran (Gone) Lyrics By, Voice – Gnomonclast, Luftwaffe 3:44
10 Stray Souls Composed By – Our God Weeps 5:57
11 Martirologue 2:33
12 Black Forest 3:43
13 Mnohaya Lita 1:41

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