The Crown & The Plough


CD Jewel Box (NRP 16) - NEUROPA

This is not martial industrial, this is martial music.
Oda Relicta is Olegh Kolyada who recorded 'The Crown & The Plough' with the aid of the Zhytomyr Military Orchestra. 'The Crown & The Plough' is a well-thought-over record overviewing his motherland Ukraine's history, the score to the clash between the workmen and the nobles: where the plough meets the crown!
Slavonic faithful hymns, sacred marches and utopian neo-folk nicely melted to a mysterious and refind album.

1  Introitus Nocturnus     2:03
2  Aurora In The Icon-Lamp     5:38
3  Ave Ploughman The Golden     3:01
4  Ave Rex Luciferi     3:14
5  Ave Rex Crowned With Laurel     2:03
6  Ave Ploughman Lauriferi     2:00
7  Ave Ploughman The Dusky     2:42
8  Ave Rex Vesperi     3:08
9  Angel Upon Throne     2:07
10  Zenith Of Valour     1:56
11  Marching In Flames     2:11
12  Outroitus Nocturnus     1:50

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