A Thousand Winters


CD Digipack (IF-05) - INFINITE FOG

ORCHIS is an English Esoteic/ Dark-Folk band consisting of Tracy Jeffery (who also sings with Cunnan and J Greco's SQE), Amanda Prouten and Alan Trench (Cunnan, SQE, Twelve Thousand Days with Martyn Bates).
A TOUSAND WINTERS is the result of the deep mystical experiences lived during the studio work.
This is a a сonceptual album, with a great theme:
The story of a part of Europe with a pagan culture that loughs at the priests of the desert messiah.
This story is slowly submerged by the rising tide of christianity until all this remains a folk memory inside old tales and songs.
The cult of the Nazarene has built many truly awe-inspiring cathedrals from the blood of the people of Europe whilst incorporating and subverting their culture into the one of the Blood of the Lamb.
Special 6 pannel-digi CD with bronze prits.

1 The Horseman
2 Blood Of Bone
3 Blackwaterside
4 The Hare/Jennet
5 Gallows Man
6 Arcadia
7 The Horn
8 He Walks In Winter
9 Magaera
10 Winter
11 Risen
12 From The Iron Wood

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