Nächtliche Jünger [Second edition]


CD Jewel Box (Pro 052) - PROPHECY

Beautifull album of best romantic German neo folk with a martial and sometimes symphonic touch !
So far their most balanced work, which will probably remain unique in this type however. Affectionately illustrated, produced and arranged, verses of antique and romantic imprint develop their suggestive effect.
The most outstandig song is the title-song itself: a meditative topic, an imaginary trip into mental depths, to myth & origin.
As likewise very successfully we consider our composition of the poem of Friedrich Schiller "Das Mädchen aus der Fremde" (The girl from the foreign part), where Nadine Spindler knows to convince with her warm voice and empathy.
A live poem!

1 Untitled 1:58
2 Erzengel Michael 6:22
3 Auf Unbekanntem Pfade... 2:47
4 Später Tag 4:15
5 Nächtliche Jünger 6:20
6 Winternacht 2:40
7 Das Mädchen Aus Der Fremde 4:80
8 Im Schatten Der Queste 4:06
9 Stille 3:58
10 Söhne Des Ares 2:34
11 Abendstern 4:26
12 Maria 4:33
13 Auferstehung 4:05
14 Inneres Heer 5:36

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