Per Aspera ad Astra


CD Digipack (TR.12) - THONAR

Marching Drums, enchanting Flutes and Harps, epic Chorals and the strange feeling to live inside a movie which takes place in ancient Rome, somewhere between the legion’s march and the worship for a god, somewhere between Caesar and Marc Aurel, somewhere between the will to absolute power and the intuition of total decay, somewhere between history and imagination, somewhere between here and there is the Elysium of Pantheon Legio Musica and their house for all gods.

01. SPQR
02. Vesta
03. Sacred Grove
04. Son Of Jupiter
05. Pantheon
06. Pompeii
07. Hymn to Kalliope & Apollon
08. Asia Minor
09. Ignis
10. Prayer to Mars
11. Legio XIX Augusta
12. Herculaneum
13. Roma Secunda
14. Memento
15. Omega
16. Fragment

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