Maxi CD in mini DVD Box (tf001) - TERRA FRIA

The usual ALLERSEELEN tradmark: massed drumming, hypnotic bass woven with samples from European movies.
'Steingeburt' bustles with a mesmeric pulsating bassline augmented by muscular drumming, to which Gerhard delivers a spoken vocal.
A symphonic sample appears throughout.
It's a tense and and raw track which echoes the earlier work of Allerseelen.
'Steingeburt' (Stone Birth) is dedicated to the actress and priestess Diotima in the film Der Heilige Berg.
The following track, 'Krieger aus Stein' (Warriors of Stone), is an untempo jaunty rhythm with acoustic guitar and a weeping violin score.
The voice of Gerhard here is whispered over the looping melody.
Pedra closes with 'Unverändert', dedicated to the actress and stone witch Junta in the film Das Blaue Licht, to which Gerhard reads from Hermann Hesse over a backdrop of plucked strings and soft strings.
The entire CD is inspired by stone megaliths, with accompanying photograph's from this Austrian researcher and musical alchemist traveling throughout Europe.

1 Steingeburt 4:55
2 Krieger Aus Stein 4:41
3 Unverändert (Lyrics: Hermann Hesse) 2:26

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