The Architecture Of Melancholy (Repress)

PETER BJÄRGÖ [Peter Bjargo / Arcana]

CD Digipack (41st Cycle) - CYCLIC LAW

2019 Re-press / 1 final copy on stock!

Peter Bjärgö, the man behind the now legendary groups ARCANA and SOPHIA is back with his second solo album.
On his first solo release "A wave of Bitterness", we got a glimpse into the mind of a thoughtful person.
Now this new release, "The Architecture Of Melancholy", we are sent onto a journey to the darkest depths of Peter's mind and thoughts.
Melancholy was once a disease, a mental statement of chronic depression, we are now facing this illness again around the world and this album is a real journey with the melancholic mind.
Titles like Bitteresque, Apathy and The Death Of Our Sun give us an idea of the aural voyage ahead.
The delicate blend of soft guitars, engulfing dark ambient and the sheer power of Peter's voice make this album a shining diamond among stones.

Tracklist :
1 The Architecture Of Melancholy 6:47
2 Bitteresque 4:44
3 The Hidden Compass 3:59
4 Apathy 5:08
5 A Wheel Of Thoughts 4:05
6 The Death Of Our Sun 5:24
7 Sleep Dep.Loop1 10:12

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