Astral Unity


CD Digipack (TumorCD44) - MALIGNANT

Following two CDs on Eternal Soul and a recent split 12” on LOKI, Germany‟s revered dark ambient project Phelios makes their first appearance for Malignant.
With its swirling cosmic drones and sweeping, cinematic drift, the music of Phelios is breathtaking and hypnotic, often evoking moments of serenity and beauty, yet spiking them with deep cushions of ritualistic percussion and textural squalls that suggest something much more ominous and threatening looms on the vast horizon.
Collectively, Astral Unity is thoughtful and concise.
A vivid and richly detailed entity that‟s alive and constantly evolving, channeling the universe while simultaneously exploring the inner regions of a more primordial earth.

Tracklist :
1 Astral Visions 7:46
2 Mindcontrol 6:24
3 Deadspace 8:01
4 Voyager 5:45
5 Origin 8:15
6 Cloud Sector β 7:13
7 Cold Unity 8:20

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