Private Venus 2023

CALIGULA031 [Wertham]

CD Digipak (PT:468) - PHAGE TAPES

"Most of the people who are opposed to the sex industry and sex work are feminist lesbians with a holier-than-thou prudish attitude towards the industry.
I don't deal with street prostitutes.
The ladies I include are well-respected for their unique services and private venues and they all are in a job they want to be in and enjoy."
*** George McCoy

Reissue of the limited cassette out in 2015 on LAKE SHARK plus two bonus tracks, one with THE RITA!
Great P/E by the Italian Maestro.

1.  Balkan Ballerina
2.  Retail
3.  Ceave
4.  Private Venus
5.  Paradise Awaits (featuring THE RITA)
6.  Destroy After Abuse
7.  An empirical analysis of escorting - Volume 1
     a) Why I pay for sex
     b) Bella De Jour vs. Dworkin
     c) Gilda - Mi Piace Fare la Fidanzata
     d) The Most Expensive Hooker In Las Vegas
     e) Gerorge McCoy's Guide To The Working Ladies Of Oldham

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