Psychica Agonya OST


Music Cassette (CRACK002T) - CRACK ATTACK

Usual Minimal-Noise and Death-Industrial for which N. is well known.
Old recordings from a forgotten time, recorded in a forgotten place...
This used to be the soundtrack for the Psycho-Freak-Explosion movie “Psychica Agonya” (2000) written and directed by Ss-Sunda.

​Includes Movie Poster (6X16 inches / 15X40 cm) and download code.

Psychica Agonya (Main Theme) 1:29
Psychica & Agonya Part 1: Rape & Vengange 3:13
Psychica & Agonya Part 2: Revox Laugh Loop 1:04
Psychica Part 1: The Psychotic Lousy Dr. 1:48
Psychica Part 2: Untitled Psychica 1:56
Psychica Part 3: Psychotic Piano 1:13
Psychica Part 4: Ms20 Dark Psychopad 1:30
Agonya Part 1: Agonya Minima 1:32
Agonya Part 2: Dark Light Agonya 1:19
Agonya Part 3: Break Agonya 3:41
Agonya Part 4: Deathbar Agonya 1:36
Film Editing (Psychica): The Psychotic Lousy Dr. 1:07
Film Editing (Psychica): Psychotic Piano 0:17
Film Editing (Agonya): Break Agonya 2:17

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