In Sadness, Silence and Solitude [2014 expanded re-release]

RAISON D’ÊTRE [raison d'être / RAISON D'ETRE]

2xCD Digifile (elixir 4) - RETORTAE

Mammoth stone walls stretching high into the unknown, dank cellars stewn with bones and ashes.
A chill in the lonely night wind disturbed by the utterance of arcane phrases.
This is music guaranteed to at least bring about thoughts of mysticism, if it doesn't produce mystical states outright.
This defines the term hauntingly beautiful.
’In Sadness, Silence And Solitude’, first released in 1997, is the fourth fullength album of raison d'être and is yet another astonishing dark ambient industrial masterpiece.

This time, ’In Sadness, Silence an Solitude’ has been considerably expanded with additional material and made it into a double disc set featuring a bunch of unique, previously unreleased compositions, live material and compilation tracks; everything connected to the same period of time of the original album.

’In Sadness, Silence And Solitude’ (expanded edition) is released on 2CD and has been carefully mastered according to the K-14 level standard for highest possible sound quality.
The disc set comes in a 6-panel cardboard sleeve with freshly designed artwork, just as ultimately beautiful as the music, almost to the point of being indescribable; one must experience it to fully comprehend.

Tracklist :
1-1 Reflecting In Shadows
1-2 In Absence Of Light
1-3 The Well Of Sadness
1-4 Deep Enshrouded
1-5 Falling Twilight
1-6 Passing Inner Shields
1-7 Reflecting In Shadows (Live Mannheim 2004)
1-8 Passing Inner Shields (Live Stockholm 2004)
1-9 Drop Of Crystal

2-1 The Verge Of Somnolence
2-2 Procession
2-3 Forgotten Mound
2-4 Mantra
2-5 Reflections
2-6 A Thousand Eyes
2-7 Through An Arcane Passage (Live Unknown 1997)
2-8 Reflecting In Shadows (Live Erlangen 1996)
2-9 In Absence Of Light (Live Erlangen 1996)
2-10 Ba-umf (Live Erlangen 1996)
2-11 The Well Of Sadness (Live Erlangen 1996)
2-12 Deep Enshrouded (Live Erlangen 1996)
2-13 Passing Inner Shields (Early Sketch)

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