CD Digipack (aquarel 25-13 ) - AQUARELLIST

New album by this English world famous ritual ambient project.

"Brief moments of seemingly grasping something previously hidden from view.
Snow melting on a deserted concrete platform at a station with no name in an urban wasteland.
White trees, limbs outstretched as if barring the way into the deeper woods and the darkness.
Bone sentinels, a faint memory of once knowing and now forgotten.
Elusive and dreamlike the ghosts return." (Robin Storey).

Tracklist :
1 Shake Root
2 Sentire
3 Scream Chasm
4 Long Wave Theory
5 More Halls And Afternoons Of Sun
6 In Voice We See
7 Eyes That Have Left Us
8 Particles Tremble
9 Smoke Glass Weed
10 Yet Blows The Dust
11 In Finished Light
12 Again The Call

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