Rarities 1989


CD Digifile (DV83) - DARK VINYL

MEPHISTO WALZ, one of the American Deathrock pioneers, with rare & unreleased material from 1988-1989, remastered 2018, incl. „Romeo`s Distress“.
MEPHISTO WALZ was formed in 1986 by Barry Galvin (Bari-Bari) and John Schuman (Johann), following their departure from the influential deathrock band Christian Death, which Bari-Bari had joined as bass guitarist when Rozz Williams was still vocalist.
In 1988 Bari-Bari started working on new tracks with Steven Grey in a studio in Hollywood.
David Hermon (bass), Mondo (vox) and Nariki Shimooka (guitar) completed the line-up.
"Rarities 1989" is a selection of songs from their first EP, some of Bari-Bari's Christian Death material (incl. "Romeo`s Distress") plus some unreleased songs / versions, recorded live in the studio between 1988-1989 and remastered by Bari-Bari in 2018.
MEPHISTO WALZ can be seen as one of the American Deathrock pioniers and Bari-Bari's musical style and distinct wall of chorus/delay-effected guitar sound makes Mephisto Walz instantly identifiable and unique amongst other pioneers of deathrock.

1 Tales Of Innocence (1989) 6:02
2 Between Youth (1989) 3:46
3 Facade (1989) 4:29
4 Lacrima Christi (1989) 4:16
5 Spoken Word (1989) 2:30
6 Dear Familiar Phantoms (1989) 3:45
7 In The Room That Love Exists (1989) 4:23
8 Romeo's Distress (1989) 3:16
9 Protecteur (1988) 4:32
10 Dear Familiar Phantoms (1988) 3:48
11 Lacrima Christi No Vox (1989) 4:22

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