CD Jewel-Box (Freak Animal CD 084) - FREAK ANIMAL

On this CD, Haare goes forward to less expected direction.
Offering 6 songs, where material may still be loosely connected to "drone", but far more into direction of industrial noise.
Grim and distorted soundscapes, piercing feedback, buried distorted vocals and slowly drifting industrial waste manages to provide fresh new angle to extensive Haare discography.
Sound is lo-fi, crude and filled with disturbing distortions and crackles and elements one could perhaps label as technical imperfections.
From this Regression emerges new type of Haare recording. 

1  Do What Thou Wilt
2  Tuhoa Kaikki
3  Not Even Dust
4  Death And Insanity
5  Glorification/Degeneration
6  Regression

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