Reincarnation / 9211-7140 [Реинкарнация / 9211-7140]


CD Jewel-Box (SHUM105) - COD NOIZES

Available in February 2020

Reissue of a classic cassette album by the legends of Russian underground.
"Reincarnation" is a document of the psychedelic avant-garde, which does not even want to be called an "industrial" with its ideological and sounds as a cliche.
On this record the sound of the early Bulgarians reaches its maximum depth, without resorting to post-modern sound collages and Soviet industrial aesthetics.
As the name suggests, this record is dedicated to the eternal processes of decay and revival, decomposition, conceiving and birth.
And this should be understood in a much more spiritual sense, rather than in the physical.
And that's why this album can be considered as an alchemical experience in the field of sound.
It is pointless to describe the music itself, all this enumeration of rhythmic structures and ambient landscapes will not give any idea of this work, which by the way includes one of the most famous Bulgarian composition "My Fire Shines In The Fog".
This must be listened and lived.
This edition also includes two tracks from the single "9211-7140" and three rare extra tracks. 

1 Алеф / Aleph 03:36
2 Мой Костер В Тумане Светит / My Fire Shines In The Fog 07:18
3 1347 Год До Н.Э. - Кеми / 1347 B.C. - Kemi 05:28
4 Четыре Рода Встреч Со Смертью / Four Kinds Of Meetings With Death 11:44
5 9211 04:36
6 7140 04:54
7 Любовь И Железо / Love And Iron 07:09
8 Без Названия / Untintled 03:38
9 Уничтожение Трудом / Destruction By Labor 04:00

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