Remnants Of A Deeper Purity


CD Jewel-Box + SLop-Case (PROJEKT 68) - PROJECT

"Black Tape for a Blue Girl is best described as the poets of the broken spirit, musically and lyrically exploring the heart of the human soul in all of its unavoidable sadness.
That may sound like depressing stuff but it is far from it.
The quest for the elements of love, of faith and faithfulness, and the essence of happiness as if they were concrete rather than the abstract rudiments of humankind, has been the unrequited search of all time.
Given the absolute heartbreak of desire and free will, with all of its choices, most of which bode badly, it is little wonder that the great authors, painters, and composers of all time have devoted lives to the sad song of impossibility with the brush of possibility somewhere hidden.
Black Tape explores these dark corners of deception, betrayal, love, hope, and rebirth perhaps more adroitly than any other band.
"Remnants of a Deeper Purity" probably is their more classic / cult album.

This first CD edition comes in a jewel case with an outer slipcase to hold the case and a heavy paper lyrics book.

1 Redefine Pure Faith 5:19
2 Fin De Siécle 5:53
3 With My Sorrows 7:03
4 For You Will Burn Your Wings Upon The Sun 26:20
5 Wings Tattered, Fallen 6:24
6 Fitful 4:56
7 Remnants Of A Deeper Purity 4:36
8 Again, To Drift (For Veronika) 6:00
9 I Have No More Answers 10:35

This is rare!
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